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Data quality analyst


A data quality analyst is a data management role responsible for ensuring that data meets the data quality requirements.


  • This role involves analyzing data to identify any inconsistencies or errors and developing strategies to correct them.
  • The data quality analyst works with other members of the organization to understand the data requirements and business needs. They develop data quality standards, policies, and procedures, and implement them across the organization. The analyst is also responsible for monitoring data quality over time, and for reporting any issues or concerns to management.
  • In addition to technical skills, a data quality analyst must have strong analytical, communication, and problem-solving skills. They must be able to work with large datasets, understand data modeling and analysis techniques, and have experience with data management tools and systems.
  • Overall, the goal of a data quality analyst is to ensure that the organization's data is of high quality, which can lead to improved decision-making, increased efficiency, and better business outcomes.
  • Responsabilities are:
    • Monitoring and reviewing the quality (accuracy, integrity) of data that users enter into company systems, data that are extracted, transformed and loaded into a data warehouse
    • Identifying the root cause of data issues and solving them.
    • Measuring and reporting to management on data quality assessment results and ongoing data quality improvement.
    • Establishing and oversight of service level agreements, communication protocols with data suppliers, and data quality assurance policies and procedures.
    • Documenting the ROI of data quality activities.


Data quality analyst is an instance of adata management role


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