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Data quality monitoring


Data quality monitoring is the process of detecting and reporting data issues.


Data quality measuring


The purpose of data quality monitoring is:

  • To gain insight into data issues, both on individual level and statistically (dashboard),
  • To be able to follow and track the number of data issues in time,
  • To be able to correct data issues and to analyse the cause of data issues (see factsheet data issues).

Life cycle

Phase Activity
Plan * Establish the scope of data quality monitoring.
* Decide which tool will be used to apply Data quality monitoring.
* Implement the tool.
* Establish the data quality rules that will be applied.
* Assign roles and responsibilities.
Do * Run data quality monitoring periodically to detect data issues.
* Use the results of data quality monitoring for solving the data issues.
Check * Evaluate the effectiveness and costs of Data quality monitoring
Act * Adapt the data quality rules.
* Make other changes: scope, tool, roles and responsibilities.


Characteristic Requirement
Efficiency Data quality monitoring should be done efficiently and cost-effective.
Effectivensss Data quality monitoring should be effective.


Data quality monitoringis child ofprocess
Data quality monitoring is an element of a data quality management system
Data quality monitoring can be focussed on critical data elements
Data quality monitoring detects and reports data issues
Data quality monitoring can be input for or is part of data cleansing
Data quality monitoring can be applied to various data quality dimensions
Data quality monitoring is assigned to roles and responsibilities
Data quality monitoring will monitor the quality of the data of data suppliers
Data quality monitoring needsdata quality rules


A municipality wants to improve and guarantee the quality of its property register. First, they want to get an insight into the situation before they start improving. Therefore, they first purchase a tool with which, the quality of the data can be efficiently measured and monitored. They set the right data quality rules in the tool and produce their first report. It shows that there are two percent locations outside the municipal boundaries and that there are property categories that are not consistent with the description of the property.

Based on this report, the municipality decided to first solve the problem of inaccurate locations. This is where they suffer the most. They start a process of Data Cleansing to solve this. Partly, they do this by comparing the register with another file. For another part, the objects are visited by officials and the locations are redetermined. The monitor measures the progress of the cleaning action. Furthermore, an extra check have been built into the application with which new objects are entered, so that this problem can no longer occur.  


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