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Data quality requirement


Data quality requirement is a requirements with regard to data quality.

Life cycle

Phase Activity
Plan * Define data quality requirements
Do * Establish data quality requirements
* Communicate data quality requirements
Check * Evaluate data quality requirements
Act * Adapt data quality requirements


Characteristic Requirement
Clarity The data quality requirements are clear, readable and unambiguous.
Feasibility The data quality requirements are feasible
Allignement with strategic goals The data quality requirements are alligned with strategic goals.


Data quality requirement is child of requirement
Data quality requirement is one of the two objectives of adata quality management system
Data quality requirement can be part of the data quality policy
Data quality requirementcan be starting point fordata quality objectives


  • Example 1: All customer data should be consistent over all databases of the organisation.
  • Example 2: Data on invoices to customers are complete and accurate.
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