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Metadata is data that defines and describes the characteristics of other data. (DAMA Dictionary)


Metadatais child of data
Metadatais child of data category
Metadatais parent ofdefining metadata
Metadatais parent ofoperational metadata
Metadatais parent ofdata lineage
Metadatais parent ofdata quality rules
Metadatais parent ofdata dictionary
Metadatais parent ofdata element specification
Metadatais parent ofdata model
Metadatais parent offormat
Metadatais parent ofunit
Metadata is an element of a data quality management system

Figure 1 Childs of metadata

Metadatais parent ofcritical data element
Metadatais parent ofbusiness glossary
Metadatais parent ofdata model
Metadatais parent ofdata element specification


  • Define metadata
  • Describe metadata
  • Implement metadata
  • Use metadata
  • Evaluate metadata
  • Change metadata
  • Store metadata
  • Maintain metadata
  • Publish metadata


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