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Data quality policy


Data quality policy is a policy with regard to data quality.




The purpose of a data quality policy is giving direction to decisions and measures that affect data quality.

Life cycle

Phase Activity
Plan * To develop and document de DQP.
* To establish the DQP by management.
Do * To communicate the DQP available to all stakeholders.
Check * To monitor the DQP.
* To periodically evaluate the DQP.
Act * To adjust the DQP by management.

Characteristics and requirements

Characteristic Requirement
Consistency The DQP Is consistent with data governance policy and strategic objectives
Appropriateness The DQP fits the purpose and context of the organisation.
Currency and completeness The DQP Is up to date and complete.
Clarity The DQP Is described both clearly and comprehensibly.
Availability The DQP Is available to all stakeholders.


Data quality policyis child ofpolicy
Data quality policy is an element of a data quality management system
Data quality policy provides a framework for setting data quality objectives (KPI’s)
Data quality policy can be input for a data suppliers
Data quality policytakes into accountstakeholder analysis
Data quality policy is input for the procedure to establish critical data elements
Data quality policy is guided by awareness of data quality


A data quality policy contains the following subjects:

  • Importance of data quality
  • Purpose of the data quality policy
  • Scope of the data quality policy
  • Relationship with the strategic objectives of the organisation
  • Applicable laws and regulations and company decisions
  • Critical data and dimensions of data quality that have priority
  • Policy statements about areas that contribute to data quality such as people, processes, IT, agreements, and documentation.
  • Roles and responsibilities about data quality
  • Procedure to monitor the policy
  • Procedure to evaluate and adjust the policy

Additional content

  • Historical context
  • Roadmap for implementation
  • References
  • Definitions of terms
  • Document version
  • Management that established the latest version of the policy


The next sections show fragments of some data quality policies.

Fragment 1: Braintree District Council

It is vital that the systems used to collect, store, and calculate performance information:

  • are accurate and
  • any faults or errors are identified.

All systems need to be checked and tested regularly

Fragment 2: Isle of Wight – NHS Trust

It is acknowledged that on occasions, data quality issues such as errors or omissions will be identified. It is imperative that where this is the case, they are reported to the relevant Information Asset Owner, who will be responsible for identifying trends in data quality issues and taking steps to amend processes to reduce any margin for error.

Fragment 3: NHS Leeds

All staff

  • should be aware of the importance of good data quality and their own contribution to achieving it, and
  • should receive appropriate training to data quality aspects of their work.

Teams should have comprehensive procedures in place for identifying and correcting data errors, such that information is accurate and reliable at time of use.

Fragment 4: Imperial College London

All data should be subject to internal and external audits if deemed necessary.

Fragment 5: Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)

The CCG recognises that reliable information is fundamental in supporting the CCG to achieve its goals. The CCG recognises that all the decisions, whether clinical, managerial, or financial need to be based on information which is of the highest quality.


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