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Data steward


A data steward is data management role being a subject expert with a thorough understanding of a particular data set. [4]


A good data steward must have the ability to see beyond silos and implement rules and processes for the data under their care [10]. Data stewards do not own the data but they will assist a data owner in implementing the data governance policies [3][4][5].

Data Stewards represent the interests of all business stakeholders and is seen as a business role [1].

The data steward is the go-to guy at a company for every matter related to their data. They are completely hands-on to how the organization captures data, where they store it, what it means for different departments, and how its quality is maintained throughout its lifecycle [6].

Data stewards are responsible for: [2]

  • Overseeing the complete data lifecycle – from data creation and capture, to data processing, storage, and usage.
  • Understanding the meaning of data, at a high-level, as well as down to specifics, such as the meaning of the data stored in fields across datasets.
  • Helping co-workers to use data as a competitive advantage and making them data literate.
  • Choosing metrics for data quality measurement, depending on the nature of organizational data.
  • Monitoring data quality, fixing issues that may arise, and implementing data quality improvement plans.


Data steward is an instance of a data management role


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